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Classic in California: Beautiful Wedding Shoot

I simply can’t get over these beautiful images from a post wedding shoot by Lin and Jirsa in UCSD, California. Shehzad and Neena look stunning and their outfits are perfect for this wedding shoot. Neena’s bridal lehenga with its magenta border and delicate encrusted stones, along with Shehzad’s smart suit with a matching magenta pocket square bring a touch of classic to California.

Lin and Jirsa’s photography speaks for itself and strikes a delightful balance between creative, crisp, romantic and fun. They are known for creating a comfortable environment for a wedding shoot, where personalities and affection come across effortlessly in the images, as seen in Shehzad and Neena’s poses.

All images courtesy: Lin & Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

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Indian Brides: Those Moments of Flurry

There is so much anticipation and thought that goes behind the execution of an Indian wedding. Everything needs to go according to plan and run smoothly, as there is a great amount of expectation not only from the family itself, but also the guests and relatives. Further, it is the dream of Indian brides to get married with her prince charming in a grand setting.

Amidst being in love with the idea of throwing a massive and beautiful wedding, it is the intricate details of a big fat asian wedding that cause Indian brides a great deal of stress! Things such as confirming marriage dates, deciding on venues, finalising the guestlist, and the debate of which wedding planner to hire are amongst the bigger things Indian brides have to worry about. Other things to think about include things such as the design and style of your wedding card invite, which accessories or makeup to wear with your Indian wedding attire, and whether the colour of your mehendi is dark enough.

Whilst a great deal of planning goes behind an Indian wedding to make it all you had dreamt for and more, the truth is that your actual wedding day will go by in a flash, so the most important thing for Indian brides to do is to simply immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy every second of the pleasant madness!

Images courtesy of: Monir Ali photography

Wedding Invitation photo by Monir Ali

Mehendi hands photo by Monir AliIndian bride getting ready photo by Monir Ali




Bangalore Fashion Week 2014 – The Highlights and Bridal Gown Favourites

A bit of a delayed post, but here is a summery of some of my favourite looks, designers and shows from Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW). The recently concluded beautiful designs, bridal gowns, innovation and more, left me falling in love with the work and craftsmanship of some of the designers. The four-day fashion spectacular brought with it some of the biggest names as well as some emerging talents in the fashion landscape of the country. Accessory designer from Delhi Vrinda kept the audience intrigued and wanting more with her jewellery collection influenced by the Greek goddess Athena. Focussing on the power of free will, she was said to have made her pieces for the strong women of today.


For all you beautiful brides to be out there who are looking for the perfect bridal gown, Amita Gupta has come to the rescue. The designer weaved magic into these bridal gowns with bling and gold in her collection showcased at the BFW. Her gorgeous gowns stood out beautifully with their rich drapes of material. The show stopping items of her collection were definitely the saree gowns in crimson, deep browns and dull golds.
Well-known in the Bangalore Fashion Week circles, Mandeep Litt wooed the audience with his fabulous designs in a variety of colours from deep reds to cream tones. His ‘Colonial Raj meets the Maharaja’ inspiration used sophisticated drapery styles in rich velvet.

Bangalore-Fashion-Week-2014 | Bridal Gown Highlights
To finish off the amazing shows of from the 4 days,  Soha Ali Khan sizzled on the ramp on the last night of BFW, which was a complete showstopper. She walked for the grand finale wearing clothes created by Indian bridal designers duo, Ashima Leena. The audience held their breath as she swirled and twirled on the stage in a gorgeous bridal gown, oozing grace and elegance, looking like a complete bridal beauty.

Bangalore-Fashion-Week-2014 Bangalore-Fashion-Week-2014-catwalk Bangalore-Fashion-Week-2014-catwalk

Selecting Indian Bridal Jewellery

Bridal shopping is always fun (frustrating I hear you say? Not online – read this great article) and one of the best parts about the experience is shopping for your Indian bridal jewellery

In the past gold used to be a favourite for bridal jewellery but this is no longer the case. Brides have been experimenting with colour, stones and styles. If you thought that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to clothing, you’ll be jumping with joy at the prospect of selecting from a huge range of jewellery. Some of the more common styles are elaborated upon. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my selection!

Gold Jewellery
Perhaps the most traditional form of jewellery that transcends time and cultures. All Indian communities buy gold jewellery – in differing amounts. It is considered auspicious and everlasting. You can select very traditional sets like these (from exclusively.in),

Gold Necklace Gold Necklace

Or opt to add a touch of gold in the form of earrings like these,

Indian Accessories Designers - Roopa Vohra - Indian Designer Jewellery - Designer Earrings - RV-SS14-RVSE-568 ZM000 - Stunning Semi-Precious Rubies and Pearls Jhumkas - 1 Indian Accessories Designers - Roopa Vohra - Indian Designer Jewellery - Designer Earrings - RV-SS14-RVSE-588 ZZJ00 - Gorgeous Gold Plated Jhumkas - 1 Indian Accessories Designers - Roopa Vohra - Indian Designer Jewellery - Designer Earrings - RV-SS14-RVSE-577 ZZ000 - Pretty Embossed Gold Plated Jhumkas - 1

Try to avoid overloading gold on the wedding day, you don’t want it to outshine your look! Certainly buy extra pieces as the wedding is the time to splurge and spoil yourself
Indian Diamond Jewellery
Diamonds are a girls best friends – and we want as many friends attending our wedding as possible !

Important things to remember while selecting diamond jewellery are the diamonds (see a guide to selecting the right diamonds here) and then of course the metal used to set the stones.

Blue Nile is an online retailer of jewellery and I think they have rather good customer service. I’ve bought smaller products from them in the past only though.

For the wedding day, some brides like to stack up the diamonds while others are more subdued and toned down. The choice is yours really and diamonds being fairly neutral do not necessarily detract from your overall look. In this instance, I have to admit that more is better rather than less is more !

indian_fashion_designers_-_diagold_-_contemporary_indian_designer_fine_jewellery_-_necklaces_-_aw13_-_n1_-_gorgeous_diamond_necklace_-_1_1 indian_fashion_designers_-_diagold_-_contemporary_indian_fine_jewellery_-_necklaces_-_aw13_-_s2_-_dazzling_diamond_and_emerald_necklace_set_-_1_1Diamond Necklace from Blue Nile

Coloured Stones
The range of coloured stones jewellery available is vast to suit all tastes and budgets. Quality of stones can vary though and this affects the resale value of the piece – so this is important to keep in mind.

Coloured stones can be rather tricky to combine for me, because they are less versatile than gold or diamonds – but combined in the right way, they can create a stunning look. (See my post on IIJW for some inspirational catwalk looks for Indian Jewellery).

Traditional colours like green and red are very good investments as these can be easily re-used for even your evening looks. I like the selection from exclusively.in – they have a very good range of products to suit my current budget !

Indian jewellery at Exclusively.in Indian jewellery at Exclusively.in Indian jewellery at Exclusively.in

Polki / Jadau / Un-cut Diamonds
This type of jewellery looks very stunning and can easily add a vintage touch to your overall look. I especially like the larger stones and if they are set in a necklace, even better.

For example, this piece from the IIJW was absolutely stunning!

Indian bridal Jewellery at the IIJW
Bridal jewellery shopping is exciting – an as with all aspect of your bridal shopping, enjoy the experience! Indian bridal jewellery is beautiful, times less and obviously a necessity if you’re the bride !

Click on the link if you want to see more Indian wedding jewellery, for bride and guests!

India International Jewellery Week 2014 – Bollywood Stars

I love Bollywood movies, the stars and all the glamour. There I said it for the world to read. Shiny jewellery and dazzling flashes of diamond make me quite a happy bunny. Put the two together, and I am in heaven !

Indian Jewellery looks great on the ramp and more so for brides. The Polki (un-cut diamonds) and the Polished massives stones set with coloured stones are stunning. And the best of indian jewellery and jewellers was on display at the India International Jewellery Week held recently in New Delhi in India.

Bollywood and Indian Designers (or everything in India) have a very close relationship. And of course for fashion, they are uber important – a lot of the inspiration for local fashion and dressing up is taken from what the stars wear on screen. No surprise then that for all the important events like a Fashion show, the turn-out and attention on Bollywood stars is immense.

Here are some of my favourites from the show, more pics to come later!

From India International Jewellery Week 2014 - Indian Jewellery
Sonam Kapoor at India International Jewellery Week 2014 – Indian Jewellery
Beautiful Bipasha Basu at the India International Jewellery Week 2014
Beautiful Bipasha Basu at the India International Jewellery Week 2014
Sunny Leone at the India International Jewellery Week 2014
Sunny Leone at the India International Jewellery Week 2014