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Classic in California: Beautiful Wedding Shoot

I simply can’t get over these beautiful images from a post wedding shoot by Lin and Jirsa in UCSD, California. Shehzad and Neena look stunning and their outfits are perfect for this wedding shoot. Neena’s bridal lehenga with its magenta border and delicate encrusted stones, along with Shehzad’s smart suit with a matching magenta pocket square bring a touch of classic to California.

Lin and Jirsa’s photography speaks for itself and strikes a delightful balance between creative, crisp, romantic and fun. They are known for creating a comfortable environment for a wedding shoot, where personalities and affection come across effortlessly in the images, as seen in Shehzad and Neena’s poses.

All images courtesy: Lin & Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

Shehzad and Neena Wedding - Photography by Lin and Jirsa

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Indian Wedding Shoes : Let’s take a Closer Look

The Indian wedding photography horizon has expanded along the years and introduced fresh and creative means of capturing those special wedding moments. Not only are the portraits of the bride and groom captured, but so are the intricate details of their wedding accessories: the indian wedding shoes.

Photographer Monir Ali does just this by thinking outside the box and I love how he has captured these shots of Indian wedding shoes! The creativity and colours of the first image, with the ‘love’ letters embedded in the Indian wedding shoes is simply striking and you can’t help but notice the stylish flag pillows. The second image helps create an interesting story behind the wedding day. How adorable does the bride look in her Ugg boots? All the better, as no bride would want to trudge through the snow in Indian wedding shoes several inches high! These photography ideas will certainly infuse freshness and creativity in your Indian wedding shots.

Images courtesy of: Monir Ali photography

Creative shoes photo by Monir Ali

Creative outdoor shoes photo by Monir Ali

Fashion in India: Top Bridal Trends

There used to be a time when Indian weddings were humble, no-fuss affairs and when the number on the guest list barely exceeded 50, wedding decorations were kept to a minimum and the bride was simply clad in traditional red and gold attire. And then the 21st century happened!

Now, planning a wedding can take several months up to an year. Choosing the right wedding planner, hiring the right caterers, including and excluding people from the never ending guest list, zeroing down on the right theme for wedding decorations, booking the perfect location are all elements at just the tip of the ice-berg!

The most confusing element for the bride is selecting the right wedding dress for her dream wedding. To make the process simpler, here is a list of some of the top bridal trends for fashion in India, which we hope you enjoy reading!

Blue – The New Red

Although red will always be a classic hue when it comes to Indian bridal dresses, women are also experimenting with shades of blues and greens, which is a fresh and contemporary change, reflective of the modern bride.

Blue Lehenga | Fashion in India
Blue Lehenga

For brides who want to strike a balance between classic red and modern tones, blue tones can be infused with shades of red, maroon and orange to achieve a unique and glamorous look.

Blue and pink lehenga | Fashion in India
Blue and pink lehenga

Keep it Simple

Amidst the vibrant red, orange and other unconventional shades that are always dominating the wedding season, there is also a simple and seductive gold. Cream coloured lehengas with elegant embroidery work is the latest take when it comes to top Indian bridal trends. The best part about these nude shades is that they give you immense flexibility whilst deciding on the jewellery for your outfit. Kundan jewellery, emeralds, rubies and polki all complement this look beautifully.

Gold lehenga | Fashion in India
Gold lehenga

Mirror Work and Silver Embroidery

Need some variations from the traditional gold embroideries? Go silver! As brides get more experimental with bold colours and styles, silver zari work is taking centre stage. Inspired from the tribes of Rajasthan, intricate silver zari and mirror work is surely a look to embrace as it is fashionable, fun, flirty and also super light in weight, making it one of the best bridal trends for fashion in India!

Mirror work | Fashion in India
Mirror work bridal lehenga

Embrace Prints 

If you are not a fan of bling, and shy away from the shine of mirror work, printed lehengas are the best choice for you and can make a big impact. Whether bold, floral or subdued, pick your favourite print!

Printed lehenga | Indian Fashion
Narghis Fakhri in a stunning rose-printed lehenga

The Royal Bride

If you decide to go for a regal look for your wedding, anarkali is your calling. This garment surely makes for a royal bride, and can be teamed up with a majestic polki set. Embrace a layered anarkali, as it will give you a voluminous look, yet flatter the feminine figure. There is no doubt you will be the bride to be remembered with this amazing Indian bridal fashion trend.

Regal outfit | Indian Fashion
Regal outfit with a gold border

Fancy Back

Blouses with fancy backs are the hottest trend in the Indian bridal wear. While it is a good idea to avoid a plunging neckline on your wedding, revealing your back a little with creative blouse designs can add instant glamour to your look.

Fancy back | Fashion in India
Fancy back

Back to the Roots
For all those who cannot think beyond a single colour for your wedding attire, don’t think twice before buying that head-to-toe red anarkali. Single colours with stunning embroidery are one of the most stylish Indian bridal trends today. Despite the numerous new colours and trends in the market, it would be impossible to shy away from the classic red hue; the epitome of bridalwear.

Red Bridal lehenga | Fashion in India
Red Bridal lehenga

Long-sleeve blouse

A stylish long sleeve blouse is an essential trend that had been missing from the wedding fashion scenario until recently. Thanks to designers like Manish Malhotra and Anju Modi, women can be comfortable during the winter wedding season and still look super glamorous and stylish. From impressive mandarin collars to flattering velvet fabric, there’s a whole range of fashionable blouse designs you can select from that tickle your fashion buds.

Long sleeve blouse | Fashion in India
Long sleeve blouse

Jacket-style blouse

The idea of teaming up a saree, suit or lehenga with a jacket might sound a bit out of the box, but this trend is definitely here to stay. Jackets are a top Indian bridal fashion trend that a bride must consider investing in, as they give a chic, contemporary appeal.

long red jacket | Fashion in India
Long red jacket

I hope you were inspired by the selection of these bridal trends for fashion in India! Whether you opt for a fancy back, long jacket style or a printed lehenga for your bridal ensemble, carry it off with much elegance, grace and confidence!

Pre-wedding shoot inspiration for Indian brides and grooms

There is nothing more exciting than a pre-wedding shoot, as a gateway to release all the stress up to the wedding day planning! Freelance photographer based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, Vijeta Shrivastava‘s philosophy behind her photography is to capture only that which is exceptional to the human eye and no doubt, her photography is a stunning palette of special moments.

Below, Vijeta beautifully captures an adorable couple in various outdoor scenarios! The photographs have an overall fun and natural vibe, and the photographs really capture the love between the couple in creative ways. I especially love the use of the boards with the tongue-in-cheek phrases.

A tip for Indian brides and grooms for their pre-wedding photography is to look and behave absolutely natural, as this is where the magic will happen! For all the Indian brides out there, don’t feel like you need to overdo it for your pre-wedding shoot, as all the glitz and glamour will be captured during your wedding photoshoots. So take a deep breath, and enjoy your special behind the scene moments before the wedding frenzy begins!

The bride below is seen wearing a simple, elegant peach anarkali and the groom is seen wearing a striking grey suit. For Indian brides wondering what to wear for the pre-wedding shoot, my recommendation would be to coordinate an outfit depending on the venue and perhaps the theme of the shoot. Once you know this basic information, you can let your ideas run wild! For the meantime, you can seek inspiration from these stunning moments captured by Vijeta Shrivastava:

An adorable bride and groom collage
An adorable bride and groom collage
And she said yes!
And she said yes!
Time to celebrate with sweets!
Time to celebrate with sweets!
Happily ever after
Happily ever after…
Let's do it the Titanic way!
Let’s pose the Titanic way!

The Beautiful Thread of Marriage: The Journey of Indian Brides

The wedding day is no doubt one of the most special days for Indian brides. Indian weddings are known to be full of richness and grandeur. Other than this undeniable vibrancy and glamour, Indian weddings are deeply rooted in tradition, integrating rich rituals that have been present for years and years. Along with significant wedding rituals, lots of other facets are important to consider as well such as the preparation up till the wedding, choosing the perfect Indian bridal attire, the marriage vows and then the eventually the much dreaded goodbyes. Along with a journey that culminates into a climax, Indian brides are flooded with a kaleidoscope of emotions. Indeed, this journey that Indian brides experience is a bittersweet one, but paves the path for a new beginning; one of abundant love, happiness and sharing a precious bond of a lifetime with the love of her life. Below, I take you on the vibrant journey of various Indian brides through the creative lens of photographer Sanjay Gohil, who captures beautiful wedding moments and creates memories that last a lifetime. These images certainly capture some of the priceless moments experienced by an Indian bride through her bridal journey.

All images courtesy of: Sanjay Gohil photography

Bride getting ready - Indian Wedding
A beautiful Indian bride getting ready for her special day behind a veil of red

There is something I absolutely love about this photograph. The deep red colour and veil in front of the lens creates an undeniable aura of elegance. The Indian bride looks absolutely beautiful in a simple, yet striking red bridal lehenga with gold embroidery, complemented by statement Indian jewellery and a stack of bangles. A quick tip for Indian brides choosing their Indian attire is that if the blouse of your bridal ensemble is rather simple in a solid block colour, opt for a stunning statement necklace set. Another beautiful detail is the delicate head piece the bride is seen wearing. Accessories such as these will enhance the look of Indian brides, making her feel like an ethnic princess.

Wedding Festivities - Indian Wedding
Lots of colours and laughter as the wedding festivities begin!

This photo beautifully captures the richness, vibrancy and laughter of wedding festivities!

White and maroon - Indian Wedding
A gorgeous white and maroon colour-coordinated bride and groom taking their marriage vows

No longer are traditional red bridal ensembles the only options available for a wedding. Modern Indian brides are experimenting with different colours such as burgundy, pink, cream, gold and white. I love the rich maroon and white colour combination worn by the Indian bride and the groom. An Indian wedding is done around a sacred fire, where the bride and groom walk around the fire seven times, in a clockwise manner. The bride first leads the Pheres and afterwards, the groom leads them. This signifies the equality of the bride and groom and their promise to stand beside each other always. This process is called the Saat Phere, symbolising the seven goals of married life. These elements include prosperity, religious and moral duties, spiritual salvation, liberation, prosperity and spiritual salvation.

Elders Blessings - Indian Wedding
An Indian bride receiving blessings from her elders

Receiving blessings from the elders is of utmost importance for an Indian bride. These are the blessings the Indian bride will carry through the rest of her life and provide her with strength and positivity to embark on this new journey.

Wedding Emotions - Indian Wedding
There is nothing that touches the heart more than the emotions felt at a wedding

The Kanyadaan or giving away of an Indian bride is a part of the wedding rituals. The Kanyadaan is performed by the bride’s father, where he gives his daughter up to the groom. He also requests the groom to accept her as an equal partner. This is definitely a very emotional and touching moment for the bride and her family, as the bride has to bid farewell to her parents and join her husband’s house.

Time to say goodbye - Indian Wedding
It’s time to say goodbye…!

Amidst the heartfelt goodbyes and tears, with a heavy heart, it is time for the Indian bride to bid goodbye to her family and begin a new journey with the love of her life.

From Indian Clothing to the Grand Decor: The Richness of an Indian Wedding

India is rich in diversity and this element is evident in everything from the food, Indian clothing, customs and traditions. This diversity and richness is also reflected in Indian marriages. Marriage not only symbolises the sacred union of two people, but also the union of two families.

Describing the sheer joy and festivity surrounding an Indian wedding would truly be a Herculean task. So I will let these Indian wedding photographs provide you with a glimpse into the vibrant and cultural extravaganza of an Indian wedding! The bride and groom both look lovely in their Indian wedding clothing. The groom is seen wearing a creamy gold sherwani with subtle, but intricate embroidery. The groom is also seen wearing a turban or sehra with white flowers tied in suspended strings, with his exquisite Indian clothing. The bride is wearing a beautiful mustard and red bridal lehenga with a royal blue border. The colour red in Indian clothing symbolises fertility, prosperity and marital bliss. The bride has beatifully styled her ensemble with elaborate jewellery made of gold and precious stones, as well as a ghunghat or veil, draped elegantly over her hair as a sign of respect to the gods. The bridal veil also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the Indian clothing.

From decorating your hands with intricate mehendi designs, to jazzing up the festivities with beautifully adorned horses, the list goes on when it comes to dealing with the intricacies of an Indian wedding! Nothing compares to that special butterfly feeling you get when you are going to see your better half on your actual wedding day! And for some, reality doesn’t begin to sink in until the wedding ceremonies have commenced. For others, the entire experience feels like a dream world!

Once the wedding ceremonies have finished, the photo sessions commence and the bride and groom can truly be the center of attention in their impeccable Indian clothing. Everyone wants to snap a photo with the bedecked handsome groom and stunning bride. On top of this, the photography stage has been decorated with high attention to detail from the gold and red drapery, to the elegant vine leaves trickling down from the ceiling. Not to forget the exquisite floral setting teeming with flowers in every colour such as red, white, lilac, pink and orange. At a closer glance, you will be able to notice the bride and groom’s lavish gold seat with plush red seating. The next morning, you can pinch yourself to make sure that your dream wedding actually did take place!

Beautiful Henna Design
Beautiful Henna Design
Indian Wedding Horse
Indian Wedding Horse
Indian Horse - Indian Wedding
The groom all set and on his way to the wedding venue on a horse!
Groom - Indian Wedding
The groom is all smiles and ready for the festivities to begin!
Indian Bride - Indian Wedding
Here comes the stunning bride!
Wedding Ceremony - Indian Weddings
Let the wedding ceremony commence!
Photo time - Indian Weddings
Photo time!
Photography - Indian Weddings
Say cheese!
Group photo - Indian Weddings
A gorgeous group photo is a must at Indian weddings

A Treat for the Bridesmaids: Feminine Anarkali Dresses & Fancy clutches

The bridesmaid plays a significant role at a wedding. The ideal bridesmaid should be supportive, helpful, understanding and always available. We all know that a bride needs to look the absolute best on her wedding day. Other than the bride, the bridesmaid’s choice of attire and accessories play a significant role at a wedding!

The bridesmaid image below is from Jacob and Pauline’s photography, and how stunning is it! I love the electric colours and overall fun vibe of the bridesmaid dresses. The sweet pastel shades of lilac, powder blue and lemony yellow, with pops of fuchsia and orange in their bouquets is completely fresh and the styling is so on point! It is definitely a breath of fresh air against the traditional subtle shades of bridesmaid dresses. Now, what do you think of the clutch bags they are carrying? Aren’t they simply adorable! These watermelon, lemon and orange clutches not only infuses creativity in the bridesmaid dresses, but also gives the outfit an oh so fun twist!

This super stylish wedding took place in Hackney Church with the couple opting for a super colourful wedding and defying tradition. This is exactly what this post is about – embracing being different, whether it is through your wedding venue to your wedding attire and accessories!

Fancy fruit clutch
Stunning wedding shot from Jacob and Pauline Photography.

In Indian weddings, a bridesmaid’s outfit can range anywhere from sarees, gowns or anarkali dresses. The latter, anarkali dresses are a fantastic option to flaunt at your best friend’s wedding. Anarkali dresses are not only elegant, but also give that comfort and ease of movement during a wedding. You also never know what last minute errands you may need to run at your friend’s big day! The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or be tripping over you indian wedding outfit.

Anarkali dresses are composed of a long kurta top, bottoms usually in the form of tight fitted churidar pants, and a dupatta pulling together the colours and designs of the kurta top. A long, flowy anarkali dress can make any woman look and feel elegant and beautiful! Indeed, the trend of anarkali dresses has captured the hearts of various Bollywood beauties as well. If they can carry off this trend fabulously, then so can you!

Bridesmaids - Anarkali Dress
Bridesmaids in pretty purple anarkali dresses at a wedding.

Anarkali dresses are indeed a stunning bridesmaid option, and equally important are the accessories you choose to pair with your outfit. Yes, it may be an Indian wedding that you are attending, but you can still experiment with your choice of handbag! Jacob and Pauline’s photography has certainly triggered my creative juices, and here I present to you some oh so unique clutch bags to pair with your anarkali dresses. These options are fun, fresh and feminine, and will inject an instant style quotient into your outfit.

The Wild Side

These grey anarkali dresses make great options for a bridesmaid dress. I especially love the element of different borders on the outfits! This gives the anarkali dresses a sense of uniqueness, whilst adhering to the bridesmaid dress code, so that you don’t begin appearing like clones of each other! These grey anarkali dresses have the right amount of embellishment and detailing to them, from the elegant lace and silver embroidered neckline, to the gorgeous gold and colour block border.

Whilst grey would not be my ideal choice for a bridesmaid anarkali dress, the colour appears so rich in this outfit. Speaking of out-of-the-box clutch bags, these fabric clutch bags will surely add a unique touch to your outfit! See below an orange butterfly fabric clutch and green floral clutch that will make splendid accessories for these anarkali dresses. Whilst clutch bags with Indian embellishment and embroidery are stunning, with these fabric clutch bag options, it’s all about infusing your bridesmaid outfit with a bit of creativity. This outfit allows you to venture to the wild side and flutter confidently through the crowds. A wild colourful bouquet of pink, orange and red with green leaves will add the perfect finishing touch to your look.

The Wild Side - Anarkali Dress
Explore the wild side with these stunning grey anarkali dresses, paired with these unique fabric clutches.

Floral Garden Party

This second bridesmaid look is a white and pink anarkali dress with a feminine bordered dupatta. The best thing about this anarkali dress is that it is simple, without any bling or heavy embellishment, yet creates a beautiful impact.

Now, I am absolutely obsessed with Kate Spade New York, as their products are fun, bold, colourful and quirky. This lemondrop – small lella clutch, covered with faceted gems is the perfect accessory for this anarkali dress. The gold pineapple clasp adds the icing on the cake. Simple anarkali dresses such as these will look stunning at a daytime wedding event, and even better within a magical floral garden setting! Add the finishing touch to this pretty in pink number with a pleasant pink bouquet with hints of yellow. Opt for light pink and peach hues in your makeup look for a fresh, glowing look.

Floral garden party
A floral garden party look with a pink and white embroidrey anarkali dress and a pineapple clutch.

Painting the Town Red

Who says bridesmaids can’t wear red? Yes, as long as you don’t steal the bride’s limelight! In fact, opting for colours similar to the brides wedding attire, such as red, gold and cream creates a coherent look and will look stunning in photographs! These photographs will be memories for a lifetime, so why not embrace the gorgeous red hue! An important thing to remember is that your bridesmaid anarkali dresses do not have to be identical to each other. Opt for similar hues and cut, but with different necklines and prints, to mix it up! See some beautiful options for anarkali dresses below.

Kotur’s pearce metal and Perspex octagonal clutch is a super unique choice to pair with your anarkali dresses. Ditch the typical rectangular clutch bags and go for this eye-catching octagonal shape clutch that is stylish, glamorous and has a touch of whimsy. Whilst this clutch will make you shine, do you want to take it a notch further to really stand out in a crowd? This chatterbox phone box clutch by Charlotte Olympia will rightly fulfill your wish! Charlotte Olympia’s handbag designs will add an instant wave of quirky cool to your outfit. The gold glitter globe clutch is also by Kotur and will complement the anarkali dresses beautifully. The glitter and sequins floating in the clutch bag will ensure that you will glimmer with every step.

Painting the town red
Stunning red anarkali dresses with unique gold clutches

A Bookish Culture

This rich gold and cream anarkali dress, with maroon piping is yet another stunning choice for a bridesmaid. You can never go wrong with this subtle, yet regal colour and it is so on trend right now! In fact, these hues dominate designers Rabani and Rakha’s collection at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15. Twirling around in this number will make you feel like a gold goddess no doubt. Pair this look with nude, glowing makeup and accessorise with a pop of burgundy in your heels.

This Lolita book clutch is definitely treading the waters of uniqueness. I absolutely love it; it’s simple, yet creates an instant impact. And have you noticed the gorgeous floral print in the interior of the clutch bag? All the more reason to open your bag multiple times and touch up your make-up! This clutch bag couldn’t be more pretty and feminine, and is the perfect accessory with your cream and gold anarkali dresses.

Bookish culture - Anarkali Dresses
Pair your gorgeous cream and gold anarkali dress with a unique book clutch.

Remember, as a bridesmaid, think outside the box and opt for unique pieces to make yourself stand out. Pairing feminine anarkali dresses with fancy clutches may just be the right formula to achieve that glam, comfortable and chic look. To all the bridesmaids to be…start planning your dream team outfit now! 😉

Image sources: Fashion mix, Lushlee, Sapphire, Nordstrom, Fashion Bride, Neiman Marcus, Adoreness, Mine Forever App

A Guide on Styling Wedding Sarees for Different Indian Wedding Ceremonies (Part I)

An Indian wedding is one of the grandest occasions for a bride, as well as one of the most precious and special moments in her life. The ultimate wish for every bride is for her wedding outfit to capture her spirit, beauty and elegance. As such, it is significant for a bride to choose her Indian wedding outfits with the utmost attention. A wedding saree is one of the most beautiful garments a bride can wear on her wedding day and I am sure all you ladies out there will agree with me on this! How many times have you admired the slender figures of Bollywood beauties draped in wedding sarees on the big screen? Yes, I admit, even I couldn’t help feeling slight pangs of jealousy over the fact that how well these Bollywood actresses could carry off beautiful wedding sarees. However, by choosing wedding sarees appropriate to the different Indian wedding ceremonies paired with beautiful styling, even you can look like a glamorous diva!

Traditionally, Indian culture has seen red silk wedding sarees to be the common choice for brides. It is amazing to see how much Indian wedding sarees have evolved in terms of the range of colours, cuts, styles and fabrics available for brides to choose from! Indeed, the modern day bride has a dictionary of Indian wedding outfits and styling options available to her. The process of choosing an Indian wedding outfit is certainly not an easy one and can teeter towards nervous breakdowns (I kid!). Not to scare you, but nonetheless, choosing the perfect bridal outfit can be an overwhelming task for a bride.

This is where I come in…call me an Indian wedding outfit fairy or what not, but I would certainly like to share with all my readers how the process of choosing appropriate wedding sarees can seem simpler by understanding the different Indian wedding ceremonies. Yes ceremonies, with a big, fat C! Indian weddings have so many different types of ceremonies and sometimes it can seem like they go on for days! It can often be an overwhelming task for a bride to choose which Indian wedding outfit to wear according to the different wedding ceremonies.

Here I provide you with different options for choosing appropriate styles for Indian wedding sarees for your Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception ceremonies. It is significant for a bride to choose her Indian wedding sarees with the utmost attention to detail. From the shape and fit of the wedding saree, to the embellishment detailing, to the colour, your chosen Indian wedding saree should ensure that all gazes are fixed on you. It is, after all, a truly special day where the bride should look and feel flawless!


The Haldi ceremony is a very significant ritual that occurs a few days prior to the big day. There is one thing for certain, whether you like it or not, you are going to be covered in brilliant orange and yellow tints of colour. Haldi, otherwise known as a turmeric paste is applied to some areas of the bride’s body. This yellow hue is thought to be very significant and auspicious in Indian culture, signifying a prosperous life for the new couple.

Haldi ceremony
Haldi or turmeric paste ready to go for the Haldi ceremony!

The best wedding sarees option for your Haldi ceremony should definitely contain some traditional elements, such as a fancy saree border, paired with traditional Indian jewellery. You can opt for a saree in a lighter hue and something that is simple and comfortable, as watch out ladies, you are going to be the guinea pig of the day, whether you like it or not! As you can probably imagine, things may likely get messy, so I would recommend Indian wedding sarees that are cotton based and that you are able to wash easily. For those brides who would rather blend into the vibrant surroundings of this auspicious occasion, opt for a saree in rich shades of yellow, orange, red and gold.

Indian wedding sarees
A simple, pastel Indian wedding saree for a Haldi ceremony.


The Mehendi ceremony is the application of mehendi, a beautiful and elaborate form of art, to the hands and feet of brides. This ceremony is among the pre-wedding rituals occurring a few days before the big wedding day, filled with fun, laugher and happiness. It is a chance for the bride to be fully immersed in this beautification process and spend time with loves ones in a cheerful environment, until the wedding nerves start kicking in! This ceremony is a reflection of the richness and beauty of Indian culture and the bride’s mehendi attire should reflect this festivity. Your mehendi venue should definitely be bright and colourful. I am thinking along the lines of gorgeous drapery, marigolds, and grand seating…you know, the works!

Mehendi venue
A beautiful mehendi venue with drapery and grand seating.

Accordingly, your wedding saree should be bright and stand out, in line with the gorgeous mehendi venue surroundings! Beautiful orange, pink, purple and gold hues never fail for possible wedding saree options. These bright pops of colour in Indian wedding sarees will also enhance your beautiful, intricate mehendi design. Further, hints of embroidery and embellishment in the outfit along with gorgeous jewellery will add the icing on the cake!

Indian wedding saree
A vibrant Indian wedding saree for a Mehendi ceremony.

I hope you have gotten a better idea on suitable Indian wedding sarees to wear at your Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies. Remember, in any Indian wedding saree you choose to wear, the key is to feel beautiful, both inside and out in your wedding saree.

Speaking of mehendi ceremonies, be sure to check out a creative bridal mehendi video tutorial on Strand of Silk!

Stay tuned for Part II, where I will be covering which bridal sarees will make you shine on your Sangeet, Wedding and Reception!