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Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh (DeepVeer) Wedding Deets

I am going through a bit of a celeb phase. I am totally lapping in the details from my favourite wedding of the year so far, Deepika and Ranveer.

The traditional wedding ceremony was held in Italy with only a limited number of guests. The ceremony was limited to close family and friends, with even prominent bollywood stars not invited to the celebration. Since the couple are from different communities, they had 2 traditional style wedding ceremonies – Konkani and Sindhi. Each community has it’s own ways of celebrating weddings, and the lucky couple had the chance to partake in both.

As has become customary in recent weddings, the couple also had an elaborate mehendi ceremony. At this ceremony, the bride had mehendi applied to her hands. From the looks of the pictures – there was also dancing and generally a good vibe.

Mehendi Ceremony Pictures

The Konkani wedding ceremony looked very traditional and both the bride and groom seem to be having a great time. Some media reports claimed that the red saree that Deepika wore was a Sabyasachi, but it was later clarified that it was not from the designer’s collection. The spree was in fact a Kanjivaram saree in which Deepika looked stunning.

Konkani Wedding Pictures

The Sindhi wedding style is something I have seen a lot more of, with the bride making an entrance and the like. The couple wore matching colours and looked absolutely adorable. I did have concerns that Ranveer would outshine the bride with his choice of colourful outfits, but thankfully that did not happen 🙂

Sindhi Wedding Pictures

As the couple got back to Mumbai, on the airport they were seen in relatively muted colours. The style was elegant and a refreshing change from the bold colours at the wedding. I find it absolutely refreshing that Deepika did not opt for heavy neck jewellery and kept her look very simple with the traditional Jhumka earrings.

Ranveer not to be outdone on the florals, also opted for a simple look (by his standards anyway). The timeless pairing of a waistcoat with the white kurta set was perfect and complemented his new wife’s look. I did expect Ranveer to be a little more bold with his choice for the airport, but this look works just fine on him.

Airport Looks

The couple arrived in Mumbai recently and were looking absolutely perfect. They wore matching colours and I have to say, Deepika looked absolutely radiant. I think deepika’s traditional style game is right on point, and I love the use of traditional fabrics and textiles in the couple’s wedding. From quirky motifs like Ranveer’s elephant motif jacket to the nature inspired motifs on Deepika’s dupatta – the small details were a nod to the traditional.

Reception in Bengaluru

Having multiple wedding ceremonies might have been enough for mere mortals, but for the gods of style and bollywood, multiple events are a must have. Since the number of people attending the couple’s wedding in Italy were limited, they are hosted a reception in Bengaluru. The couple as before look absolutely stunning

Pictures from strandofsilk.com

Top 5 Inspiring Bollywood Movies !

Aisha : Fairy Tale Love Story

This movie has it all drama , love , youth, comedy , fashion , romance. The movie is inspired by the novel written by Jane Austen called ‘Emma’. If you have seen the hollywood movie ‘Clueless‘ is almost the 21st century remake of the same movie. The bollywood movie also emphasizes on how two people who are most unlikely to fall in love land up getting married ; drama and misunderstanding between loved ones and how friendship in the High society is just a unestablished relationship! But , the adorable love and understanding between Aisha(Sonam Kapoor) and Arjun(Abhay Deol) definitely will make you fall in love and value it equally! ♥♥

aisha : bollywood movie that will inspire you to get married

Bride and Prejudice aka ballah ballah Amritsar to LA : Cross over Romance

Another movie which was inspired by the novel called Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen . The movie is directed in a more Desi-version featuring the gorgeous bollywood movie actress Aishwarya Rai and the Hollywood actor handsome Martin Henderson. Its a very beautiful portrayed story about how two different cultural background individual fall in love after going though alot of drama , disappointment , distrust ,etc.


Monsoon Wedding : Desi Love story

Monsoon wedding is a very fun and jolly movie , It has all the double meaning and the adult comedy which is super hilarious and how dis-functionally Punjabi- hindu wedding is celebrated.The songs , actors , actress and the monsoon is the perfect reason this Bollywood movie , will totally inspire you to get married! 🙂

monsoon wedding - top 5 movies that will inspire you to get married


Band Baaja Baaraat : Typical Love story

Its a very simple yet beautiful filmed love story . Its about how a girl and a guy are friends start a business and the girl falls in love with the guy. When the guy gets to know the girl has fallen in love with him. He acts like a jerk and the girl eventually starts hating him. But , as their business is connected to each other , they start talking and finally both fall in love with each other. How Typical isn’t it. But Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh both have done a magnificent work in this Bollywood movie as a typical Delhites

band baaja baaraat - make you wanna get married

Hum Saat Saat Hai : Family Drama

Its one of the best movies that portrays the functioning of a joint Indian family. All the drama , love hate , emotions , understanding , marriage everything is so brilliantly directed. It definitely touched all the Indian hearts and looking at such a happy and close netted family , It definitely inspired to have such a Big fat asian wedding !!


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