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My take on Sabyasachi’s 2019 Summer Collection

Sabyasachi is one of my favourite Indian designers. His use of colours, patterns and fabrics is second to none and his collections instantly inspire me to dream.

However, there is something that slightly bothers me about recent media comments by the designer and some messaging that I think is not the best. In September last year, the designer made comments which I thought were quite “interesting”

Though I am a minimalist at heart, my outward physical …. Right now, I’ve become tired of gaunt faces and stick-thin models. I’m obsessed by boobs!

Sabyasachi Mukherjee In an interview with Architectural Digest India

If he can design such amazing clothes, let him be obsessed with boobs. Far be it from me to judge someone on their obsession with any part of the female anatomy, but I thought his choice of words could have been better. All the same, one moves on. And then this happened recently,

The brand posted the above image on their Instagram page for International Womens Day. A lot of folks, rightly so I believe, questioned the use of this specific image and the message “celebrate confidence”.

Why should women who are “plus sized” or darker in colour (in India, women have traditionally preferred lighter coloured skin) be encouraged to have more confidence?

I do think that a brand with such repute and standing must be more careful around the messages they convey to their followers. Body positive messages are so important in the current environment where women are constantly being body shamed. This really needs to stop. I wish the brand thought as much about their messaging as they do about their clothes and collections.

Apologies for a bit of a rant, but I needed to get this off my chest. I think it’s important to call out folks for when their behaviour falls short of what would be expected of them – and I think the brand fell short of my expectations on these 2 instances.

Sabyasachi’s Summer 2019 Collection

The collection is absolutely gorgeous. I like the colours used, and I think they are really unusual colours for brides. The detailing and embroidery is stunning as you would expect from Sabyasachi.

I have grouped the collection pictures into colour themes because I think a lot of folks make their selection by thinking about the colours first. As such, these Blue/Green shades are some of my absolute favourites.

Unique and different to make a statement, yet they look absolutely majestic and elegant. 

Next up are the yellows, reds and oranges. While these colours are traditional for most Indian weddings, the specific tones selected here are very different. My favourite are the pinks – very elegant.

The selection of pictures, especially the poses seem to be very suggestive to me. I get edgy but perhaps less focus on the “boobs” and more on the style would have gone down better for me. I guess the designer’s obsession clearly shows in some of these pictures.

These colour tones are super elegant and timeless in my opinion. Barring the cut of the blouse, I can see my mother wearing these styles and then me stealing it from her closet.

The vibe from the collection is edgy, modern yet grounded in old school Sabyasachi. Most pieces I would pick out in a heartbeat. You have a favourite, please tell me in the comments!

The Gorgeous Must Have Sabyasachi Mukherjee Collection

Ok Mr Mukherjee, you have a convert. I admired your collections with a measured restraint, but the latest instalment has me converted to a hardcode Sabyasachi Mukherjee fan. Curious why? Read on.

Sabyasachi dropped the latest collection via Instagram – a beautiful collection that was shot in Rajasthan. The backdrop provided the perfect setting for the even more stunning clothes. There is a certain trademark style to Sabyasachi and this was evident in the collection. However, there is also a change in style from the “traditional” Sabyasachi style.

There is an even greater degree of sophistication in this collection and there seem to be a bolder use of colours. The floral inspiration and the cuts remain very similar to the trademark Sabya style. What has particularly caught my attention this time around is the range of the collection. You have vibrant colours, muted classic colours, prints – what more could you want!! But lets break down some of my favourite pieces from the collection by theme.

First there was detail







I love the fact that the details on each of the garments – Lehengas, Sherwanis – are so delicately executed. Usually you see similar motifs all over a designers’ collection, but as you see from these pictures, the motifs are very diverse and range from the traditional mango motify to the gorgeous floral inspired motifs.

Then there was colour






Of course Indian Wedding clothes have a lot of colour and panache, but the choice of colours here is what I love. The range of colours is unusual in my opinion – green sherwanis for example. I especially love the bright reds for both girls and men – the tone and shade of the reds is particularly interesting for me. It is bold and powerful – it make a statement and certainly creates presence.

Then there are the more usual-unusual colours like Teal, Orange, etc. These are great, but I have seen them used in the past, so these are not so unique for me. However, the combinations are again very different and worthy of second looks. The sherwani in the first picture that has chevron patterns in multiple colours – a very unique use of red.

And finally there was Print





Sabyasachi and floral prints are almost synonymous, so you’d expect to see a host of printed styles in the collection. And this one does not disappoint. I particularly like the water-colour finish to the florals, they look absolutely fantastic. And such a refreshing change from the OTT embroidered styles. These are perfect for a very classic look that can be styled so easily for a number of events.

Here are some more simply gorgeous pictures from the collection….  16906820_347516832310099_556306605382041600_n




Girls, you just have to include this in your shopping list. You really cannot have a wedding without Sabya. That’s my latest mantra!

Finally! Vijay weds Amala Paul!

director Vijay and Actress Amala Paul


Actress Amala Paul, who is set to marry Tamil filmmaker Vijayon June 12, has roped in two of the country’s well known designers Anita Dongre and Sabyasachi Mukherjee to design her wedding outfits.

While Indian’s famous Fashion designer Anita Dongre will design Amala Paul’s engagement gown, the bride’s wedding reception outfit will be a creation by Mukherjee.

“For the ring engagement ceremony on June 7 in Kochi, Amala Paul will be seen in Anita Dongre’s white gown. It has been specially ordered for the occasion. On the same evening, she will be seen in a traditional lehenga,” a close friend of the family said.

“For the wedding, which is on June 12, Amala Paul will be draped in a Kanchivaram sari and later in the evening during the reception party, she will slip into Sabyasachi’s creation and wear a specially ordered diamond necklace to go with it,” the friend added.

The engagement ceremony is expected to be attended only by the couple’s close knit family, whereas the wedding and reception will be graced by special guests from the southern film industry.

In 2011, Amala Paul and Vijay fell in love on the sets of Tamil drama Deiva Thirumagal, directed by the latter. Since then they have been dating each other.

Finally, after such a long love story takes a new turn . Vijay weds Amala Paul.

Post wedding, Amala is likely to stop acting as she wants to settle down and have a family.She is currently wrapping up shooting for Malayalam film Mili, while Vijay is awaiting the release of his latest Tamil directorial Saivam.

– See more at: http://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/tabloid/sabyasachi-anita-dongre-to-design-amala-paul-s-wedding-outfits/article1-1220779.aspx#sthash.aXCjRvLP.dpuf