If you’ve ever opened a truly elegant and exquisite Indian wedding invitation admired its impeccable finishing before reading the contents, promptly putting down the details on your schedule and then proceeded to put the card away in a drawer only to be forgotten and then eventually trashed, then that stunning invitation has met the same fate as every other invitation in history.

While an extravagant Indian wedding invite will look impressive and wow your guests, it is also a huge expense for most couples. And although some are happy to stick to convention and spend handsomely on luscious Indian wedding invitations there are just as many who would rather use the money on other things such as the food, alcohol, venue or honeymoon.

Alternative Wedding Invitations

In an age of smart phones when everyone has every detail of every social engagement on their fingertips for easy accessibility, some might consider opulent wedding invites on paper an unnecessary practice. Not to mention that Indian wedding invitations seem to follow a certain pattern of colours, damask prints and calligraphy lettering that makes anyone no different from another.

For those who want to part with the cumbersome ritual of expensive Indian wedding invitations with something a little bit more creative and practical that won’t burn a hole in their pockets, listed below are some unique Indian wedding invitation ideas, which will make fantastic alternatives.

1. Perfect Match

Create your invitations in the form of matchboxes with several different small inserts for each wedding function. Leave out lengthy text and stick to the relevant details only to save on printing and paper costs. Ensure the box is small enough to fit in pockets or small clutch bags and add some actual matchsticks into the box with instructions to your guests to bring them along to light some fun colourful candles and diyas when they arrive. Not only will it give your unique Indian wedding invitation a memorable touch but take some work off yours or your decorator’s hands to create mood lighting.

Perfect Match | Alternatives to Extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations

2. Creative and Functional

Bottle Opener Wedding Invitation | Alternatives to Extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations

If you can’t fathom spending your hard earned bucks on something that will eventually end up in the bin then put your Indian wedding invite on useful everyday items instead. Coffee mugs, handkerchiefs and bottle openers are just a few reasonably priced and practical items that can be printed easily and double up as sweet mementos after the wedding. You can also use these as unique Indian wedding ‘Save The Date’ cards so your guests think of the upcoming event every time they use them.

Creative and Functional | Alternatives to Extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations

3. Ballooning with pride

Announce your wedding date on a balloon for a unique Indian wedding invitation that will instantly catapult your coolness quotient up by several notches. This also makes the sweetest alternative for a ‘Save the Date’ card or if you happen to have only one function for the wedding.

Balloon Wedding Invitation | Alternatives to Extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations

4. Get Onboard

This Indian wedding invitation idea is perfect for DIY junkies who love getting crafty and can also help you save some pennies in the process. Print boarding pass wedding invitations using your own stock paper and home printer. Many websites offer the boarding pass invitation template that is also easily customisable. If you’re not too happy with printing quality of your regular at-home printer then take the design to a professional who will do the job using your own paper.

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations | Alternatives to Extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations

5. Say Cheese

Photo Booth Wedding Invites | Alternatives to Extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations

Get retro with some photo booth pictures as the main element of your unique Indian wedding invitation. Take some natural shots or add some funky props for some really memorable photos that will make everyone smile and go awwww in unison. Attach some printed content on unprocessed or recycled paper for a cost effective yet utterly adorable wedding invite.

Say Cheese | Alternatives to Extravagant Indian Wedding Invitations

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